5 Things You Can Do NOW to Avoid Making the Top Relationship Mistakes

New Relationship Help

Have you ever thought that you found The One—only to realize later after much heartache that the person was The Wrong One? Finding healthy love is so important to your mental and physical health. It’s unfair that it’s so difficult to find the right person. It’s not fair. Here is checklist of love behavior to avoid. It comes from my research with thousands of people like you—who are accomplished in many aspects of your life—but, often, not … [Read more...]

Is It Cheating if there is No Sex?

is it cheating if there is no sex

Is there such a thing as a non-sexual affair? My clients and research participants have often asked me this question. Many of these women and men talked about their friendship with someone with whom they could have sexual feelings, and they were surprised when their intimate partner expressed jealousy. “But there isn’t any sex,” the men and women said. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Reduce Stress about Work, Home and Love: Adding Love & Order

5 ways to reduce stress

Uh-oh—another study about women’s unhappiness at home. The sociologist Arlie Hochschild wrote in her 1997 book, “The Time that Binds,” that time at home with spouses and children was more stressful than time at the office. The author described home as a place where couples had on-going tasks about caring for children, the household, finances, and all the emotional ups and downs of family members. Women were particularly stressed because they … [Read more...]

Should I Get Back with my Ex?

should I get back with my ex?

If breaking up with your man was a good idea, you still might have feelings for your ex—even years later. Don’t act on those feelings until you have done your emotional homework. Here are the top ideas to make you think. … [Read more...]

Break Up Advice – How To Deal With Your Ex Boyfriend

break up advice

Yes—you broke up because it wasn’t working. Every relationship has unique details about unhappiness. You may still harbor some doubts, but, for now at least, breaking up feels the right thing to do. It wasn’t easy—regardless if the relationship was very bad or just not a good match with a person who was good! You may already know that your next steps after you close that door on this relationship are to: Learn about you and this … [Read more...]