How to Break Up – Test Your Break Up Smarts.


Sometimes you just have to end the relationship. But what are the best ways? Test your Break Up Smarts and take this quick quiz. Break Up Quiz 1. Suzanne knows it’s not going to work out with Ron. They’ve been dating for a few months, and she already sees that Ron is selfish and controlling. The best way for Suzanne to break up is: … [Read more...]

Top Break Up Quotes that Help you Heal and Grow

Break Up Quotes

Even if you are the one saying good-bye in an intimate relationship, you still may not feel strong, wise and happily single and alone again. It is normal to feel scared and doubtful about your decision to leave. … [Read more...]

10 Things Women Should Do To Be Safe on First Dates.


Yes, it can happen to you—the date with the man you always wanted. But don’t let your enthusiasm compromise your safety. Get smart and take the following precautions ahead of time. How to Protect your Safety on Dates … [Read more...]

Getting over a Breakup – Beat the blues!

Getting Over A Breakup

The New Year seemed to have passed, and the sting of an unhappy, unromantic Valentine’s Day is over, too. No wonder you feel sad. No matter how much you fight the influence from what seem like manufactured holidays, it’s still hard to beat the blues from breakups and being alone. … [Read more...]

Can a Man and Women Really have a Platonic Relationship?

platonic relationship

Can a man and woman manage not to mix together eventually? The answer is “Yo and Nes”—each word, as you can see, is a combination of Yes and No. So, how can you tell if your friendship is going to remain a friendship or turn into something more? In the movie When Harry Met Sally, Harry makes it clear that platonic friendships are essentially self-lies where the man at least wants to have sex with the woman. Is that always true? … [Read more...]